10 Reasons You Should Use Staffing Agencies.

Staffing agencies are helping more and more medical facilities in giving solutions to the issues of shortages of staff. That’s why medical facilities prefer hiring nurses from staffing agencies since it can be a lesser hassle for them. So if you want to learn what people are saying about employment agencies services. Medical facilities are the best people to talk to. Here are 10 reasons why companies use staffing agencies (2021). 

Lesser Overhead Cost 

Hiring regular employees requires employers to pay mandatory benefits such as sick days, vacation pay, and employer’s taxes. These are just a few of them and there are more, however, when they hire nurses from staffing agencies they may pay higher hourly rates but they don’t have to pay for other benefits anymore so it’s a lesser overhead cost for them. 

Lesser Overmedical time Pay

Overtime pay for regular nurses should be paid and are higher than their hourly pay. Plus too much overtime can cost employees more and cause employees to burn out. By splitting the pay between regular nurses and nurses from staffing agencies employers can have the lesser expense and lesser burnout for their nurses.

Ideal For The need to Short Term Staff

Medical facilities need nurses that would only work for the season. For instance, during the winter period, a lot of people are getting sick so they need additional manpower to meet the demands of their patients. Instead of hiring regular nurses, they get nurses from staffing agencies.  

Reduce Hiring Risk and Save Training Time

Medical facilities can save time when they hire nurses for staffing agencies since nurses coming from staffing agencies are already trained and ready to work immediately. They can also avoid hiring risks since the nurses recommended by the staffing agencies are already screened and qualified.

Assist medical Facilities 

Staffing agencies act as staffing specialists for medical facilities since they are trained to check on the resume of nurses who are qualified enough to start working immediately. This way medical facilities don’t have to spend time screening nurses and instead focus on other fields of their facilities. 

Staffing Agencies Handles Payroll and Onboarding 

During the entire process of recruitment, the staffing agencies are the ones in-charge plus they are the ones who handle payrolls, taxes, compensation, and benefits for their nurses making it more convenient for their medical facility partners. 

Staffing Agency has a Wide Access to Talent Network 

Staffing agencies specialize in getting talents to assign medical facilities that are needed. Since they are focused on the business that is able to focus on evaluating and screening highly qualified nurses. They have built networks and act as matchmakers for nurses and medical facilities that need nurses who have specific skills. 

Faster Onboarding Process

The hiring process can take weeks or even months but partner with staffing agency onboarding processes can be faster and medical facilities can get nurses within 24 hours or even shorter. This cuts the hassle of having to hire people rather than worry about replacing them since they quit.  

Knowledge of Market Industry 

Staffing agencies are well-versed in the local market trends and know the active salary for nurses plus yeh demands that are needed. With this knowledge, they can easily offer or take offers from the medical facilities they are dealing with making the negotiation faster and convenient for all parties. 

Hiring Nurses from Staffing Agency Can Make medical Facilities Try Nurse

Under the regular hiring process, nurses who are hired can not be tired immediately by having to go through due process before making it happen. However, by hiring temporary nurses they can try their services and if they are impressed they can make an offer to hire them as permanent workers. 

These are the 10 reasons why companies use staffing agencies (2021), getting an updated guide on why hiring temporary nurses can be ideal for most medical facilities. The recruitment process takes time and money to get a qualified nurse, however, working with a staffing agency can be much easier and cheaper. So why go the longer process if you can have it a shorter way plus still get an efficient result. Work with staffing agencies and avoid a stressful recruitment process.