It’s likely that 50% of all men around the civilized world will experience the pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids before the age of 50. Today’s lifestyle trends practically guarantee it. Is there any way to keep yourself from becoming a statistic? Fortunately, the answer is yes — through that wonderful Brazilian fruit, Acai berry.

First of all, hemorrhoids are simply veins in the anus and rectum that have become swollen. They may either be inside or outside the body, but they’re pretty uncomfortable either way. They’re caused by long periods of sitting (very common among men today), straining during bowel movements, and obesity, among others.

Here’s how Acai berry can help you. Acai has been known to keep people slim and sexy, since it has green tea’s metabolism-boosting factor on top of its natural appetite-suppressing nature. With regular use of Acai, you can maintain your ideal body weight for your frame and minimize the likelihood of hemorrhoid formation.

In addition, Acai has lots of fiber, the body’s “cleaner.” Enough fiber will help cleanse the colon of impurities and encourage regular bowel movement — without the straining. Simply doing the job in less than a minute can minimize the formation of hemorrhoids over the years, as well.

To get the most out of your Acai berry supplement, look for products that were designed specifically for men like you. Aside from preventing and treating hemorrhoids, you’ll also get the energy to maintain a healthier, more active lifestyle. (And improve performance in bed, too!)

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