Aerobic exercises are one of the easiest ways to lose weight quickly. They raise the heart rate and breathing rate temporarily in order to raise the metabolism of energy stored in the body as fat. This ensures that the fat on your body is used and you lose weight.

Here we have top 5 aerobic exercises to help you lose fat and lose it fast

Brisk walking:

This is the simplest of exercise that you can do either in your block or in the comfort of your living room. Choose comfortable clothing and a good pair of shoes. You could do this on the treadmill. You can begin brisk walk for 20 minutes and gradually take it to 40 minutes. 40 minutes of brisk walking atleast 3-4 times a week is best option to lose weight.


Running has the same benefit as walking, except that you can get double the workout in the same time. Again a good pair of shoes is the only requirement. This will raise your heart beat, and strengthen the heart and the blood vessels. Around 30 minutes of running at a comfortable pace, up to 4 times a week is good enough.


This is another activity which operates on the principle of aerobics. It is easy and it doesn’t require much of an expense. Some people prefer cycling as it is more enjoyable than walking or running. It will also help to tone your legs and will strengthen the hip muscle and the joints in the legs.


The advantages of swimming are many. It provides a wholesome exercise to your body. It will tone your entire body. The best part is that the exercise is done in water, and the buoyancy will ensure that there are no injuries.

Dance aerobics:

This is the kind of exercise for which you will find lot of exercise videos. This is also easy to do on the comfort of your home. You can buy a video that you like and you just need to have a pair of shoes with a good grip. This is another aerobic activity that will help you to lo0se weight quickly.

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