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The human body needs various vitamins and minerals essential for both body growth and the prevention of diseases. The vitamins and minerals are required in small quantities by the body and are called micronutrients. Vitamins may also be imperative to the purpose of the healthy immune system, serving to counteract suppressive and inflammatory responses. 

Some people take vitamin supplements to ensure their bodies obtain adequate vital nutrients to keep the body healthy. There are several vitamin brands but amongst the best vitamin brands are care/of, Biotin, Persona, Klean Athlete, Nature made vitamin D3, Kirkland signature, Nordic Naturals, Rootine, and Rituals.  

Essential nutrients

Vitamins are essential nutrients and are naturally not produced in the body, so they can only be prepared in the body from nutrients we intake. Vitamins also act as hormones, and antioxidants support differentiation, signaling, and reproduction. 

Classification of Vitamins

Vitamins are distinguished into two classes suchlike fat-soluble vitamins and water-soluble vitamins. 

  • Fat-soluble vitamins:  These vitamins dissolve in fats. Vitamin A, D, E, and K fall under this category. 
  • Water-soluble vitamins: These vitamins dissolve in water, and vitamin B complex and vitamin C fall in this category. 

Excessive Vitamins intake 

Excessive intake of vitamins can cause harm to the body and can cause several diseases. You can not take enough vitamins from meals alone, so supplements are required to fulfill the requirement of the body. Overdose of vitamins cause serious health issues such as,

  • Bone Problems: Excessive intake of retinol (vitamin A1) can be devastating to bones. 
  • Blood-thinning: Excessive intake of vitamin E thins the blood and results in deadly bleeding. High intake of this vitamin prevents blood clotting, which is the natural defense mechanism of the body to stop severe bleeding. 
  • Prostate cancer and hemorrhagic stroke:  High doses of this vitamin may raise the chances of prostate cancer. And high intake of vitamin E supplements may intensify the danger of hemorrhagic stroke and result in premature death.
  • Hypervitaminosis D: It occurs due to overdose of supplements of vitamin D, occurs due to deposition of calcium in the blood, which can result in nausea, dizziness, and pollakiuria. Hypervitaminosis D might grow in kidney issues and bone pain, like the development of calcium stones in the kidney.

Inadequate intake of vitamins

Deficiency of vitamins causes serious such as, 

  1. Deficiency of vitamin D1 and D3 can contribute to rickets, osteomalacia, bone fractures.
  2. Deficiency of ascorbic acid cause scurvy
  3. Deficiency of Cobalamin causes neurological disorders and pernicious anemia.

Vitamins are vital to the proper growth of the body. Vitamins are organic syntheses required by the body in a small quantity. These organic compounds, usually obtained as a component of a balanced diet, are needed for metabolic and physiological processes.