A headache is a very common pain that unfortunately is experienced by many people from all over the world. The most common location of headache pain is just above the right eye, although in some people it is on the opposite side of the face – above the left eye – instead. Many people get very frustrated by the seeming impossibility of getting rid of this obnoxious problem.

A headache above the right eye is more common with women ( it also hits most women during pregnancy ). It can be a symptom of a wide range of different physical and psychological conditions, as well as an alarm switch for several kinds of pathologies. In most cases, though, a headache is brought on by a migraine attack – a chronic disorder that can generate anywhere from a mild headache to a much more intense level of pain.

It is likely that the pain generated by a headache will occur in the region near the eyes ( it is often reported by victims of a migraine headache that they feel pain especially over the right eye ). The victim feels an unpleasant and uncomfortable sense of pressure in the ocular cavities and skull. There may be a link between these migraine related headaches and neurological problems, although a causative relation is still uncertain.

There are two fundamental approaches to the treatment of a headache over the right eye: the abortive approach and the preventive approach.

The abortive approach is the more common. It attempts to treat the problem – to stop the pain caused by the migraine as soon as it starts. A medication is prescribed that is designed to kill the pain, and the dizzy feeling generated by the disturbance. Analgesics, such as ibuprofen, aspirin, or acetaminophen, are most often prescribed, and are have varying effectiveness. So if one analgesic doesn’t work for you, try a different one.

The preventive approach is a much more invasive and radical procedure. It is worth considering this option only in a situation in which the headaches occur frequently ( on a daily or weekly basis ). This treatment involves daily consumption of medication, which ranges from antidepressants to remedies for high blood pressure.

It is highly recommended that you consult a doctor in order to get help in deciding which kind of treatment to opt for, or even if treatment is necessary at all. If a headache above the right eye occurs frequently, seeing a doctor is paramount.

In addition to prescribed medicines, there are quite a few natural remedies with varying degrees of efficacy – ranging from herbal cures to hot beverages. Traditional medicine doesn’t yet fully grasp everything concerning this common health problem. Its origin is still largely unknown.

There are many theories about the genesis of migraines, making it to this day one of the hottest open debates in the medical community. It is speculated that they are a product of the hyperexcitement of the cerebral cortex, or a malfunction in the neuron control system. It is a fact that women are statistically more vulnerable to headaches, and there is also evidence that a genetic factor could be involved.

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