Muay Thai the national combat sport of Thailand has developed over six centuries and over that time it has emerged as a discipline which has become known for its simplicity, efficiency and power. All over the world Muay Thai has become known as the art of eight limbs because it uses elbows, knees, arms, hands, feet and shins and all of this is done gracefully and with exceptional co-ordination. On every continent today there are people practicing Muay Thai and it has become one of the most honored and well-known forms of martial arts available to mankind today. There are many reasons for its popularity such as its immense effectiveness and therefore it is not surprising that Muay Thai is the fastest growing combat sport on the planet today. This is why more Muay Thai training camps are constructed in Thailand just about every month and the same phenomenon can be observed all across the planet. Muay Thai athletes maintain the highest fitness levels and a side effect of this life style is extraordinary weight loss. Muay Thai is combat sport class for good health in today.  

Extremely effective 

Muay Thai from Suwit gym has emerged as the most effective striking art in the world. First practiced by Thai soldiers six hundred years ago it has over time been tested and investigated by thousands and fighters and other martial arts researchers. Over the centuries Muay Thai has been refined resulting in a discipline which is incredibly powerful, fast and brutally efficient. It has emerged as one of the most extensively tested forms of martial arts on the planet. This is why Muay Thai can be recommended to people who are interested to learn how to defend themselves but it can also be recommended to people who are struggling to control their body weight. The high intensity full body work out has been proven to be highly efficient when it comes to firming up the body and getting rid of excess weight. The simple fact of the matter is that Muay Thai offers the individual tremendous value and this is why it is one of the fastest growing sports on the planet.  

Health benefits 

Muay Thai will burn more than 1000 calories per hour. This high impact sport has been uniquely designed to produce the highest possible levels of fitness. When practiced regularly fighters acquire a high level of toughness enabling them to complete training sessions which a normal person could never cope with. The exercise routine is beneficial as far as the cardio vascular system is concerned, it also strengthens the muscles and bones of people ensuring in healthy bodies even in old age. This is because of long sessions involving shadow boxing, rope jumping and running. A well trained Muay Thai fighter can keep going for hours and the have no problem surviving five rounds of brutal fighting and enduring a tremendous amount of punishment. Suwit Muay Thai gym for healthy goals is a good Muay Thai training class when you are in Thailand. Not only is Muay Thai a highly effective form of exercise but it is one of the most effective martial arts disciplines on the planet. 

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