Muscles not used for a long time will wither. A mind which is kept inactive will become less alert and will lose much of its brilliance. Hence mental workouts are as important as physical workouts.

The muscles respond to exercise more quickly when you are relaxed than when you are tense. A tense mind obstructs constructive thinking. Frustration is the product of an uncontrolled mind. A feeble mind results from an inactive mind. Forgetfulness is often caused by a disorganized mind.

Any exercises which cause you to think is of value. The mind will respond very fast and in a very short time you will see a marked improvement in your ability to think logically, creatively and quickly.

Quizzes found in newspapers, magazines and television will help to stimulate the mind. Crossword puzzles add to a strong vocabulary and are a strong mental stimulant too. Speed reading accelerates your thinking which in turn sharpens your mind. As you proceed with your mental exercises believe firmly that they are easy for you. Believe that your mind is becoming more alert day by day. Learn to focus your thoughts without interference on a specific objective.

The mind thinks in pictures and not in words. In other words you see what you read. Mental pictures are always infallible. You cannot hold a picture of failure and expect it to guide you to success. Visualize yourself as using and enjoying all the things you desire for. Firmly believe that the picture you visualize is true and you will be guided in thought and action to think the thoughts and do the things which will make your picture a reality. Visualize the type of home you would like and the number of rooms. See yourself actually living in such a home. See it in reality. If you encounter problems, hold mental pictures of solution to the problems. Be careful of any negative elements while you visualize. Never doubt about the things you visualize. Even a small element of doubt can offset your efforts. Develop mental pictures of radiant health. See yourself constantly getting better and better in every aspect. Instead of looking for ailments, notice how much better you are getting day by day. Wake up in the morning with a feeling of gratitude.

Your creative mind works best when your conscious mind is pleasantly occupied. Encourage your creative mind to guide you in thought and action. You will have the buoyancy and vitality to carry out the objectives you are visualizing.

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