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Being the latest seeds that were invented by alteration of genetic structure, the feminized ganja seeds took the cannabis market with a storm when it entered the markets during the mid-70s and 80s. Irrespective of what has been happening around the world, this decisive scientific discovery has unequivocally been a major advancement for the cannabis industry. With the planters bringing into light innovative methods for making the regular, uniform seeds to fruitfully transform to feminized ganja seeds, all the major players in the cannabis industry especially those involved in the sphere of medical cannabis have savored these cannabis-centric flowers, which offer their unique flavors and aroma. When any new product enters any industry, it has to go under harsh scrutiny by the industry which leads to creating conflicting views among the participants of the industry. Here are a few points to put all such conflicts to rest:

Dominant than regular seeds

With the ability to accommodate a higher THC content because of its altered genetic structure, the feminized ganja seeds have been fabricated to produce a higher number of terpenes so as to enhance the protection of the plant from the harsh conditions of the external environment. In contrast, the regular seeds do not consist of the capacity to create a higher volume of THC, hence proving that the feminized seeds are much more dominant than the regular seeds.

In-charge for the much needed growth of flowers and buds 

In contrast to the female seeds, the male seeds are not related in any way with the growth of the plant besides from acting as a hindering factor and as an infestation in its system, whereas the feminized seeds are the one in-charge for the essential growth of flowers and seeds. Also from scientific research it has been substantiated that the feminized seeds have the potential to generate a much elevated level of chemicals in comparison to the male seeds.

Superior genetics

As it has already been established that the feminized seeds have much more superior genetics when compared to its male counterpart, feminized seeds in every way provide a greater chance for a higher harvest. Also by assisting the plant to create a higher level of THC, feminized seeds have an upper hand to the male seeds with all due credit to be given to its superior genetics.

Perfect for hassle-free growing 

For the novice planters, feminized seeds are a much better alternative simply because their genetics are idyllic for rapid growth and flowering of the plant. With everything as per the convenience of the planter, he can decide how many bushes he wants and for how many seeds he has to germinate followed by simply reaping their benefits.